Olympus OM D E-M5


On the Paris trip I was lucky enough to see the Olympus OM D camera and play with it a little. My first impressions were great. I loved the retro style which had the look and feel of an old film camera from the David Bailey days. Cost is around £1000 with basic lens, the sensor looks good and noise minimal. However after a couple of days my enthusiasm faded a little. My main problem was with the layout and functions. I didn’t find the layout very intuitive and in some cases it was really difficult to find my way around the menus. That being said the camera is jam packed with features so perhaps that is to be expected. The camera certainly has the ability to be be able to cope with pretty much everything and there were some great processing features in camera like the art filters which gave some very pleasing effects. The pictures in low light were very good with little noise and the inbuilt curves function was a joy.

Positives +

Good quality image

Weather sealed

All aspects customisable

Great Art Filters

Negatives –

Focusing cumbersome

Small fiddly controls

Key features buried in menus.

In Summary

I would say I wanted to love this camera but became frustrated by the complexity of some of the settings. I think it would suit someone who likes to create the whole image in camera rather than use photoshop and if you are prepared to invest the time in this camera the results could be very rewarding. If anyone has had experience of using the camera I would love your feedback.  Please leave a comment.



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Gary Fooks L.R.P.S is a successful professional photographer and has been leading photographic courses for over 25 years. Gary combines a unique blend of one to one tuition with a simple, easy to understand style.

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