Sarum Lights

18th – 22nd February 2020

Something for your diary – A sound and light show on the outside and inside of Salisbury Cathedral to celebrate its 800th anniversary. Tickets are £5 with some great photographic possibilities. Check out what their website says:

“This awe-inspiring show combines soundscapes and stunning light projections themed around different aspects of the Cathedral’s story located in different zones, starting at the West Front and continuing throughout the inside of the Cathedral.
15-minute time slots have been allocated to reduce queuing times and to allow a designated number of people access to the Cathedral over a period of time to reduce crowding. The spectacular itself will take about 1 hour to view in full, depending on how long you spend in each ‘zone’. There is no need to rush your experience – everything is on a loop so installations can be viewed more than once if you wish.”

Here’s a link to the web site:

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Gary Fooks L.R.P.S is a successful professional photographer and has been leading photographic courses for over 25 years. Gary combines a unique blend of one to one tuition with a simple, easy to understand style.

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