June Competition

Here are some images taken on my holidays over the past 10 years. Most are easy some, I think are difficult. First person to correctly guess all the locations gets a £25 Voucher to use against one of our courses. If nobody gets all the answers the highest number of correct entries wins. To see the full images click on the thumbnails below. Email your answers to forestside@btinternet.com.

Heres what you need to identify for each image:

  1. City
  2. Country
  3. City
  4. City
  5. Island
  6. City
  7. Place
  8. Name of town
  9. Place
  10. Place
  11. City
  12. City
  13. City
  14. City

Published by Fotocourses

Gary Fooks L.R.P.S is a successful professional photographer and has been leading photographic courses for over 25 years. Gary combines a unique blend of one to one tuition with a simple, easy to understand style.

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