We have just uploaded our new site which is linked into our main site fotocourses and offers a range of courses for the budding wedding or portrait photographer. These courses range from 1-2-1 training through to residential courses with an opportunity to build your portfolio. The courses have comprehensive notes available and the course content not only covers taking great photos but gives information on starting your own business in this competitive field – I have been taking wedding for over 16 years so have a great deal of experience. To find our more visit the web site or contact us.

ibooks Author

Just been trying out a new free app from Apple. The app is called ibooks author and is available free from the app store. It allows you to create multi touch text books that work on the iPad or can be turned into pdf files. The books look great and have a simple drag and drop feature which let you use word or pages docs and you can add widgets to include interactive galleries etc. I have been creating the new course notes for our new wedding courses site and will be adapting the old notes form the fotocourses sites to freshen them up for 2012. Here is a link to the apple web site to see what the app can do

New York Panoramas

We recently took a holiday to New York and I have uploaded some of my pictures on our

Facebook site. The link is

All these images were stitched together using some free software called hugin and the software can be downloaded at:

Check it out – it works on mac or pc and can be used to create some stunning images.

Kodak In Bankruptcy

Its a sad day for photographers and the demise of Kodak symbolises the final nail in the coffin for film. Many of us will have grown up using kodak film and its a shame to see a company that was once a huge player now filing for bankruptcy. While Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection is not technically the end and many companies have come back to live another day (General Motors was a high profile company that filed Chapter 11) Kodak is different – they basically own a product that nobody really needs! I expect the makers of wax cylinders felt the same when vinyl records came out. Technology moves on and not always for the better but in this case digital images have so many advantages that film products are dead in the water. Even Kodak only believe there is a future for their digital printing business and that looks unlikely.


What a fall from the dizzy heights of the mid 90s when their share price was $93 and is now worth just around 40 cents. The company is said to owe 6.75 billion with only around 5.1 billion in assets. Kodak is a classic case of not seeing the writing on the wall and switching to digital earlier.

Will I miss them? no not really. In reality I have not taken a film image for the past 7 years but I have so many of my images on film that it is sad to see such a huge company and a household name fail so spectacularly.

My business has up to this point thrive because of the digital revolution and I hope it continues to do so. There was something about film that made it special to use but time marches on and the digital revolution is here to stay.

Goodwood Festival Of Speed – One space remaining

This event always proved popular and this year is now exception. We have just one place available on the 2012 course. There are still places available on the Revival course in September. These course are great value for the motor sport enthusiasts at just £145 which includes the entrance fee.


Click on this link to visit the Goodwood Pages

25th – 26th February 2012

We have 2 places to fill on our first course of the year down in Dorset. The course takes place over a weekend and includes a nights half board accommodation all for £245. Check out the Dorset pages for more information and feel free to call on 01425 479257 to reserve your place.

Click on this link to visit out Dorset pages

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