Competition Entries

Thank you for sending in your entries – we have had 113 in total. The submissions are in no particular order and I have chosen my top 3 which will be announced when we have had the votes in from the public vote.

To vote for your favourites send me an email to with your 1st, 2nd and third for the public vote. Make a note of your favourites – each thumbnail has a number. Make sure you click on the images below to see them full frame as some of the thumbnails below are cropped. Closing Date for votes 20th April.

Times Article Plan now, go later. 30 great breaks in Devon and Dorset.

We feature in an article by Chris Haslam in The Times Travel section this Saturday. Featuring the best West Country breaks for when we’re travelling again.

We feature at no 24. You can read the full article here:

To visit our Dorset pages and book a course for later in the year click on this link:

New Photo Competition

Send in a picture of your best landscape. It can be anywhere and you can send up to 5 entries. Closing date 15th April. I will then put the entries on the travelwithfotocourses blog in low res for people to see and will give a 1st, 2nd and 3rd based on my opinion. People will also be able to vote by sending an email stating what they think is the best entry from the selection.  The 1st place based on the peoples vote will get a voucher for £25 to spend on one of our courses when things get back to normal. Its a token prize but the real prize is showcasing your work.

Competition Rules

Maximum 5 entries per person.
Judges decision is final.
There will be 1 prize.
Entires will be posted on the travelwithfotocourses blog at a maximum resolution of 800 pixels wide. The pictures will not be used for any other purpose without your express permission.

Send your entries to my email

Free photography book – Still Life

Check out this guide to get you started with some still life shots:

If you would like to download our online photography course check out and follow the online link. 6 modules with feedback on projects.

Free photography book – How to Create Photo Twirls

Here is another book to download which shows how to create some interesting effects using photoshop. You can download a copy here:

If you would like to download our online photography course check out and follow the online link. 6 modules with feedback on projects.

Free photography book – Amazing Abstracts with Oil And Water

If you want to do something creative while stuck at home check out the free link below to download this book:

Over the next few days I will be giving links to other free books to keep you occupied.

If you would like to download our online photography course check out and follow the online link. 6 modules with feedback on projects.

Final pictures – Las Vegas & National Parks

Recently finished editing my shots from my recent trip. All edited with a mixture of Photoshop CC and some with Lightroom. I have uploaded them to my flickr account:

Here is a selection:

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Fuji X-T100

With a big birthday coming up this year Helen has already splashed out on a present – The Fuji X-T100 was on sale on the Fujifilm web site for just £279 which is an excellent price and I went for the Dark Silver model which included the Fujion XC 15-45 lens. The camera has a nice retro look but has some great modern features like a touch screen and articulated screen.

The first camera arrived but unfortunately had a mark on the sensor so was returned and replaced. This meant I couldn’t take it with me on my recent trip to the USA and since coming back the Covid19 restrictions have restricted my attempts to use the camera but taking it out today on my walk I was impressed. The electronic viewfinder is clear and crisp. The camera is compact and lightweight and the retro controls are nicely laid out. The APS-C CMOS sensor is 24 megapixel and gives excellent quality results.

Nice selection of settings replicating old film favourites like Velvia and Provia built into the menus and some great options connecting the camera to a laptop or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. My first impressions are positive and looking forward to using it when things get back to normal.

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Antelope Canyon

Here are my recent corrected photos from the Canon 6D Mk II for our recent trip to Antelope Canyon. All hand held as tripods are no longer allowed on any tours into the Canyon. All pictures taken in raw and processed through Photoshop.

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